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This year, our chapel offering will support David?s Harp, a center of musical development creating resources and establishing centers of music education in the United States and throughout the world. David?s Harp focuses on:
1. MISSIONS Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.
2. OUTREACH Reaching into communities and neighborhoods that surround
our churches, schools, and mission sites all over the world with the
message of Christ.
3. EDUCATION Catechizing all ages in the faith through the rich hymns of the
Lutheran Church.
4. YOUTH Teaching even the youngest among us in every community as we
bring them up in the faith.
5. MUSIC Using the enormous power of music as the vehicle for all of this.
David?s Harp works to spread the Gospel by providing musical resources and establishing conservatories in churches, schools, and missions in the United States and countries such as Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea, and various countries in Asia.

THANK YOU for your support to help spread the Gospel through music to communities across the world!

Kim Bohot

Chapel Offering Coordinator
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